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Coaching FAQs

How do I roster players?

Coaches CANNOT choose players for their recreational team.

Is equal playing time required?

Every recreational player should be given playing time equivalent to 1/2 of each game with the following exceptions.

  • Player declines opportunity to play.
  • Player is not physically/mentally capable of staying on the field for that amount of time.
  • Player is under a yellow or red card.
  • Player has violated a written policy of the coach or team manager.

What's the game reschedule policy?

The following policy\procedure regarding re-scheduling & cancellations applies to Division IV teams, 10U and younger. 11U and older teams need to adhere to the policy as outlined in the CAYSA Administrative Handbook. Each respective Vice President shall be responsible for declaring whether or not a game is a forfeit, or whether a game shall be replayed or omitted from a schedule for any reason including playability of the field. If a game is abandoned for any reason the respective Vice-President shall decide if the game should be replayed.

Email addresses for the boards members can be found on the PAYSL board members page.

The procedure to cancel or re-schedule a game is:

  1. Contact the opposing coach & get their agreement on the re-schedule.
    • Make-up times are Sun between 12:30-5:30 pm and Sat afternoon time slots that your field is available.
    • If unable to do a Sunday afternoon and both teams are Paysl teams then both teams will play a Sat doubleheader.
  2. Email the Field Scheduler and your Age Group VP no later than seven days (7) before the game is scheduled with thePayslRescheduleRequest (PDF). Request will be denied if within 7 days.
  3. The Field Scheduler will contact the Referee Assignor, work out a time & then send the re-scheduled date & time back to the coaches. If initial agreed time is not available, field scheduler will give teams time that he has available.
  4. Re-schedule is not official until you receive positive confirmation from the Field Scheduler.

Acceptable reasons for re-scheduling a game:

  1. Team participating in STYSA-sanctioned tournament.
    1. Team members participating as guest players on other teams in a tournament is not a valid reason for re-scheduling.
  2. Team cannot field a full team due to a school or church related activity.
    1. A full team is defined as the minimum number of players that can be on the field at the same time.
      For example: for 9U, a full team is defined as 4 players. For 10U, a full team is defined as 6 players (as of 09/09 10U full team will be 4 players). Refer to the age-specific update to the laws of the game for the number of players that constitutes a full team.
    2. Paysl will adhere to any religious beliefs that do not allow teams to play games on Sunday afternoons, but Paysl may also restrict the advancement of those teams into the CAYSA playoffs.
  3. Game is cancelled by PAYSL due to inclement weather or other reason.
    1. Paysl Field Scheduler will reschedule all 9U/10U games due to field availability and team schedules. Once completed, he will send out to all teams.
    2. For 8U and below games, all coaches need to reschedule game through the Field Scheduler and their VP. If complete rain-out, Field Scheduler will reschedule all rained out games. 8U and below has the option of not rescheduling their rain-out game if both coaches agree.
    3. 11U and older teams need to adhere to the policy as outlined in the CAYSA Administrative Handbook.

Unacceptable reasons for re-scheduling a game:

  1. Lack of schedule “fairness”.
  2. Vacations.
  3. Parties.
  4. Coach is out of town.
  5. Bad weather (unless cancelled by PAYSL board).
  6. Any other reason not listed in above.

Note: Failure to notify appropriate VP of a cancelled or re-scheduled game and failure to appear for a game will result in a forfeit & possible disciplinary action.

What's the rainout policy?

  1. Teams must appear at the playing site ready to play unless otherwise notified by the respective Vice President or an update to the PAYSL rainout number or website indicates a cancellation.
  2. The Commissioner of Fields or Officer of the Day (OOD) will determine if a field is acceptable for play by using the following criteria:
    1. The condition of the field will not contribute to injuries or unsafe play. A lightning detector will be used to ensure lightning is at a safe distance as recommended by STYSA policy.
    2. Playing on the field will not cause excessive damage to the turf.
  3. If the field is not acceptable for play, the PAYSL website will be updated. If a cancellation is not indicated then you should assume the games will be played. In many instances, the decision as to the playability of the field will be made at the start of the match.
  4. All decisions made by the Commissioner or OOTD will be final.
  5. For 5U-8U games currently in progress at the time that they are suspended.
    1. If a match is suspended, because of foul weather, before the first half has ended, reasonable attempts will be made to re-schedule the match.
    2. If a match is suspended after the first half has ended, it shall be considered to be a completed match.
  6. 9U-and older will follow CAYSA rules regarding games currently in progress at the time that they are suspended.

What are our field responsibilities?

  1. The first home team to play on any one field is responsible for placing corner flags on that field.
  2. The last home team to play on any one field is responsible for putting away flags and general field cleanup.
  3. After each game, teams are responsible for picking up any trash on and around the field where their game was played.
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