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Recreational FAQ

PAYSL Recreational Soccer Q&A

1. Q – What is included in the fees?

A – The recreational fee includes all games, team picture and award. It also includes a uniform kit consisting of jersey, shorts, & socks. Soccer shoes, shin guards, and ball are not included.   

2. Q - How are the teams formed?,

A – Returning players are placed on returning teams (unless specified otherwise on the player’s registration), first come first served. New players are placed on teams in a manner where rosters are be balanced with equal number of players or close to it. Specific team placement requests are honored on a best effort basis.

3. Q – Can a coach decide which players are or are not placed on his/her team?

A – No. Recreational soccer does not allow a coach to decide who is or isn't rostered on his/her team.

4. Q – Who is responsible for team formation?

A – PAYSL’s age-group Vice Presidents are responsible for team formation in their respective age groups. We have about 140-150 teams each season, so this very important job is divided among our age-group VPs from 5U to 19U. Contact information can be found on the website under Board.

5. Q - When does each season begin and end?

A – PAYSL runs two seasons per year, Fall and Spring:

a. Fall seasons begin on the Saturday after Labor Day weekend and ends o/a the first weekend of November. There may be playoffs in November for 9U and older that could run through the rest of November (excluding Thanksgiving) and into the first weekend of December, no later.

b. Spring Season:

i. For non-High School students Spring season generally begins on the last weekend of February or first weekend in March and runs through the first or second weekend of May. There may be playoffs for 9U and older that run through the rest of May, no later.

ii. For High School students Spring season generally begins on the first or second weekend of April and ends o/a the second weekend of May. Playoffs run through the rest of May, no later.

6. Q – What is the next step after I register my son/daughter?

A – You will hear from your son/daughter’s volunteer coach about 2 weeks before the season begins. E-mail is primarily used for communications. The coach will have information on practice and game schedules, and he/she will have the uniforms to hand out. The coach will also hold a parent meeting to communicate team activities, roles and responsibilities, and answer questions from parents.  

7. Q – When does practice begin?

A – After the team rosters have been finalized. Normally about 2 weeks prior to the first season game.

8. Q – Who do I contact if I haven’t heard from the coach and the season will start in less than 2 weeks?

A – Contact the age-group VP. Chances are the team does not have a volunteer coach and the age-group VP is looking for one. The age-group VP will send an e-mail to the team and inform everyone the status of the team.

9. Q - Who coaches the team?

A - Coaches are 100% volunteers.  They can be a parent, friend, family.  PAYSL would not exist without volunteer coaches.  All coaches must register to coach and be approved.

10. Q - How can I volunteer to coach my son/daughter team?

A - If you are interested in coaching please contact the age appropriate VP under the BOARD tab.  Then you must register with PAYSL to become a coach.  This is found on the home page under registration.  PAYSL will reimburse coaches that take coaching courses.  See Education & Training tab.

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