Pflugerville Area Youth Soccer League

Concessions Stand Duties

In order for PAYSL to keep our registration costs low, we require volunteers to assist in the concession stand. Weekly volunteers during the season are assigned dates/times based on when their teams are playing. The teams are U5-U8 that assist in the concession stand. Thank you for all your support! If you have questions about your teams concession stand date/time please contact Amy Peterson at

You may choose a $10 concession stand volunteer buyout, click here 

Concession Stand Schedule for Fall Season 2017

8am-10am Ghost U7B
10am-12pm Wolfpack U7B
12pm-2pm Sharks U7G
2pm-4pm Pfire Ants U7G

8am-10am Bull Dogs U5
10am-12pm Tornado U5
12pm-2pm The Attack U5
2pm-4pm Bandits U6

8am-10am CougarsU5
10am-12pm Wolves U5
12pm-2pm Thundercats U5
2pm-4pm Landsharks U5

8am-10am ElephantsU6
10am-12pm Tigers U6
12pm-2pm Gators U6
2pm-4pm Pfire U7B

8am-10am GoalbustersU7G
10am-12pm GromitsU8B
12pm-2pm CheetahsU8G
2pm-4pm WolverinesU7B
8am-10am Sky Blue FC U8G
10am-12pm Team A U8G
12pm-2pm Team USA U8B
2pm-4pm Lions U8B

8am-10am Longhorns U6
10am-12pm EaglesU5
12pm-2pm DolphinsU5
2pm-4pm BlazeU6

8am-10am TigersU5
10am-12pm WildcasU6
12pm-2pm CrocodilesU6
2pm-4pm LLions U5

8am-10am TigersU7B
10am-12pm Justice League U7G
12pm-2pm Fireflies U7B
2pm-4pm Eagles U8B

Field Status: OPEN
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