Pflugerville Area Youth Soccer League

Spring 2019 Picture Day Schedule

Pictures will be in the portable building. Due to the space restrictions Only coaches and players are allowed into the building to take pictures. Please don't block the exits so that teams can get in and out as quickly as possible.

NOTE: If your missed your team pictures this weekend you can still show up for pictures on 3/16 between 8 AM and 2:00 PM. There will be no other dates for team pictures.

What To Do On Picture Day

Coaches need to check in with the photographer's tent and pick up their team package. Fill out all the information including the name of the team as you want it displayed on the coaches plaque. Make sure that your team arrives early and is ready to go at your designated time slot.Only players that are taking individual pictures need to fill out an order form. If they are just getting the free team picture they're good to go. Once everyone arrives and has filled out any order forms let the photographer your team is ready to go.

Picture Reschedule Info

If a coach needs to move their scheduled time to an earlier or later time just show up when you are available. The Picture schedule is slightly flexible but please try and stick to the schedule. Please allow the teams that are scheduled to go first because some of the teams do have away games and don't need to be delayed traveling to their game. Same applies if you need to move your team picture to 3/16. There will be no schedule for make up pictures, first come first serve.  This means it could take longer depending on when you arrive, so allow yourself plenty of time between picture and game.  There will be no further dates for picture so if a team misses both dates they will not get a team picture so make sure you make an effort to show up either date during the hours the photographer will be there.

Picture Schedules

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