it takes a village to raise a child

PAYSL relies on help from volunteers like you


PAYSL Is Non-Profit

PAYSL is a 501(c) (3) Non Profit Organization committed to providing valuable experiences to young athletes. There are many ways to get involved in PAYSL according to your interests and time available. However you choose to contribute, your time will be well spent creating opportunities for the next generation of soccer players to develop their talents, have fun, and stay healthy.


run concessions

Important fundraising happens through our concessions sales. Shifts start at an hour in length. Email to get started.

be a coach

Fewer things are more rewarding than coaching youth and seeing them develop under your instruction. Nothing will make your day job seem more trivial in comparison! Coaching opportunities are available at most age groups and no prior experience is necessary. PAYSL even provides clinics to help coaches improve. You do not have to have a youth on the team in order to coach. For further inquiry, email

Be a referee

Email to learn about referee opportunities. No prior experience necessary at some levels.

Join the Board

PAYSL is run by a board of directors made up of both elected and appointed positions. Time commitments vary, but if you're serious about youth soccer, serving on the board could be an excellent opportunity. For further inquiry, email

Sponsor or Donate

Several different sponsorship types are available and donations are tax deductible. Click here to learn more.

Not Sure How to Help? Get in touch!

Try us at, or hop over to our Contact page to reach out regarding a specific area.