Soccer fundamentals with a focus on fun


Program Purpose

The PAYSL Recreational Soccer program is a fun-based program that both introduces the game of soccer to our younger players and allows older players who do not wish to participate in a competitive environment the opportunity to continue playing. Scores are not kept for the younger groups (8 and younger) and there are no standings since the Rec program is about enjoying the game without the focus on competition. Each player receives equal playing time and a balanced amount of time in different areas of the field. Through our Rec program, PAYSL is committed to ensuring that the introduction of soccer to our young players is based on having fun while learning the fundamentals of the game. We also hope that by providing a positive and enjoyable experience we can cultivate an appreciation for the game of soccer to keep young players interested for years to come.


For our recreational program we offer 2 seasons, Fall and Spring.

  • The Fall season runs from the first weekend in September to the first weekend in November.

  • The Spring season runs from the first weekend in March to the first weekend in May.

Format of Play

All Recreational programs utilize small-sided game formats which encourages learning in a fun and positive environment with the added excitement of more action for all kids. Small-sided games are created to maximize active participation and touches on the ball by having fewer players on a smaller field. PAYSL believes that our young kids simply learn by playing and this allows the game to be the teacher. 

All Recreational Soccer coaches are volunteers and parents are encouraged to get involved in coaching and managing their childrens’ teams.

As the players move up in age, the field and goal sizes also increase along with the number of players.
Our 6U (6 & under) age group plays 3v3 and the 8U (8 & under) age group plays 4v4, neither of which utilizes a goalkeeper. 
Once kids move into 9U–10U, the goalie is introduced and the game is played 7v7.
11U–12U age groups play 9v9, and 13U–19U play 11v11. 


The amount of practice time per week will depend on your player’s age. For 4U–8U, teams will practice once per week for about an hour. At 9U and above, teams will begin to practice twice a week. PAYSL also offers pool training, goalkeeper training, and other optional sessions for those looking for more development.


PAYSL is a 100% volunteer organization from the Board to the coaches. Since the coaches are giving their time, they each decide what day, time and where their teams practice. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with this information until you have registered your children and we have placed them on a roster with a coach. We’re always looking for volunteers, and the best way to know that the practice times will fit your schedule to be the coach! You can register to coach here. In the end, if your team’s practice time ends up being a problem, contact your age group VP for assistance.

Fee Schedule


What’s included

Your registration fees cover almost all aspects of your Recreational player’s soccer experience at PAYSL. The uniform, including jersey, shorts, and socks are included in the price of registration as well as a team picture and participation medal (10U and under). Additionally, registration fees include 8–9 games per season, referees (for 7U and above), field maintenance, and scholarships. Parents must separately provide their player with a ball, soccer cleats, shin guards, and a water bottle.


All divisions are determined by birth year, and not just their current age or school grade. Some kids in the same age group might start the season as different ages since birthdays vary through out the year, but all players in a given age group will have been born within 12 months of each other. Look below to find your child’s year of birth and that will determine what age group they are in.

For example, let’s say your son is 7 years old today but he was born in 2011 and has a birthday coming up in November. He would be in the 9 and Under (9U) age group. It might seem surprising, but every player in the 9U division will have been born at some point in 2011.

Eligibility by year of birth - FAll 2019

2001 - 19U

2002 - 18U

2003 - 17U

2004 - 16U

2005 - 15U

2006 - 14U

2007 - 13U

2008 - 12U

2009 - 11U

2010 - 10U

2011 - 9U

2012 - 8U

2013 - 7U

2014 - 6U

2015 - 5U

2016 - 4U

*Players may play up to a higher level, but never down a level without special approvals.




Be sure to visit our FAQ page to find answers to some common questions, or contact us through the website. Of course, you may always reach out to your age group VP as well.