Reserving practice field space


Any PASYL Recreational soccer team 7U and above that wishes to reserve a spot to practice at Wells Point Park must first pay a practice field reservation fee. This fee is charged once per season, per team and the price is $10/player. For example, a team of 8 would owe $80 total. Typically the coach or team manager will make the payment and be reimbursed from the team parents.

With such a large club, our fields don’t have enough space to accommodate every team’s practice. Of course, teams may always practice for free at neighborhood parks, city parks, or area schools (with permission).

This reservation fee guarantees you a 1 hour time slot (1.5 hrs for older ages), on a specific day, on a specific field. You may end up splitting a field with with one other team depending on demand. But if no other team has reserved your field during the same time slot, you are free to use the entire field. This fee helps offset the maintenance cost of the added wear and tear on the league fields.

After purchase, we will contact you to confirm your field and time slot. If you have any questions, contact our Registrar for more info.



If you want to confirm a specific day or time is available, you may submit a request below. We will respond quickly to let you know if that option is available or propose an alternative. Please note that these are booked on a first come, first served basis so don’t wait reserve. Only those who have paid will be reserved.

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