Coaching FAQs

I want to help coach, who do I contact?

PAYSL welcomes all volunteers. If you are interested in helping coach, please use the contact link below to send an email to the age group VP you are interested in coaching.

I would like to coach or be an assistant coach but I never played soccer, or have any experience. Can I still coach?

YES! Many of our best coaches have never personally played soccer or coached. We’ll provide the tools necessary for you to feel confident about coaching a team. Positions are needed for the Fall and Spring Seasons. Contact the appropriate age group VP below to get started.

How do I register to be a coach?

To register to be a coach simply click on the link “REGISTER TO COACH” links located on the registration page for the Division/Age Group you want to coach.

| Recreation | Academy | Select contact Tracey O’Donnell |

Once you click on the appropriate link you will be directed to a GotSoccer form. If you are a new coach please start with the section “New Users”. If you are a returning coach please fill out the section “Existing Account”. Fill in all required information to complete the registration. Please use your full name, no nicknames or shortened names. Once the registration form is submitted an automatic background check is started by the system. Safety is the number one priority for our players, therefore, we require all coaches to complete CDC concussion and Safe Sport certifications. To complete these courses you will need to log into your coaches account to complete the required certification classes.

Do I need a coaches License to coach?

Yes and No. PAYSL supports the US Soccer methodology of Play Practice Play and the grassroots efforts to train our children properly. To accomplish this we are in the beginning stages of this development process. Please visit the US Soccer Digital Learning Center for more information: After you have completed the course PAYSL will refund the full cost. See below for our minimum requirements per division.

  • For the recreation league, PAYSL highly recommends each coach take the US Soccer Grassroots course for the age group that you will be coaching. 4U and 5U age divisions, we have no requirements at this time. Starting with 6U coaches we require you to take the 4v4 course online. For all other age divisions we request that you take the class appropriate for your division all the way through 11v11.

  • For our Academy coaches we do require that you have complete both the 4v4 (online) and the 7v7 (online) grassroots courses. If our academy coaches plan on continuing to coach into Select please see below.

  • For our Select program PAYSL requires that all coaches have completed all grassroots courses, 4v4 (online), 7v7 (online), 9v9 (in-person), 11v11 (in-person) and complete your “D” license within 1 year of entering select.

where can I practice?

Many teams choose to practice at local area elementary schools, parks, neighborhood fields. At Wells Point Park all 4U-6U teams can practice for free but space and times are limited. For 7U and above, we offer low cost practice space at 10.00 per player/per season. For a team of 12 it costs 120.00 for the whole season to have a guaranteed half a field space at the park, 2 days a week. This is first come first serve basis and spots fill quickly as we have limited space. Use this link to register a spot.

How do I reschedule a game and who do I contact?

Contact the opposing coach to inform them that you cannot play the game as scheduled. Include our field scheduler Floyd at whether the game is away or at home. To find the contact information for the opposing coach go to the schedules page and click on your team. This will direct you to the GotSoccer schedule for your team. Select “Contacts” at the top right side of the web page. This will list all of the coaches in your division. If at home and you are the home team, you are responsible for completing the actions. If the game is away you will need the opposing coach to work with their scheduler to find an open day/time.


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