be a leader as a paysl referee

  1. Complete the appropriate referee clinic. Referees must show proof of certification in order to participate as a referee in PAYSL.

  2. Grade 8:

    • Allows you to referee for all Div III and Div IV games (you must be 16 years old or 2 years older than the age group playing, whichever is greater).

    • Allows you to referee as a Line for all games.

  3. Fill out the RefereeRegistrationForm and email the Referee Assignor at

  4. Create a Referee Account with GotSoccer

  5. Attend mandatory referee meeting at the beginning of the season.

2019 badge year

To South Texas Referees,

Beginning July 01, 2018, we begin the certification and re-certification requirements for the 2019 badge year.

So that we are better aligned with the U.S. Soccer Referee Development Program, our certification requirements have changed and I encourage you to review those changes on our website at

A few changes to highlight:

  •  We are removing the 7+ grade. Those who are registered as a 7+ for 2018 may consider upgrading to 06 State Referee (see new requirements on the website). Otherwise, 7+ registrants not upgrading to 06 State Referee will be grade 07 upon registration.

  •  The certification requirements for 06 State and 05 State have changed. Please see new requirements at

  •  We are re-instituting the grade 09 certification for those officials who are 12 and 13 years of age and referee small sided games. (if you are 12 or 13 years old and already a grade 08, you will remain a grade 08)

  • If you are 18 years or older and registered as a grade 08 (youth game), you will certify as a grade 07 (adult game) so that you can referee both youth and adult games.